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Welcome to the official website of Allied Global Projects LLC, Oman - the Total Civil, Mechanical Engineering and Construction Solutions Provider!

Allied Global Projects LLC specializes in a wide range of Industrial Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Project Management and Support services which includes Stone Pitching, Bunkering, Pipe Laying, Construction of Drainage Systems and Culverts, Irrigation, Fabrication and Erection of Structures, Roofing, Flashing and Gutters. Construction of Fire Retardant Buildings, Fire training facilities, Installation of Heavy Machinery, Interior Designing, Supplying of Machinery, Equipments, and Furniture. In addition to this, the company also specializes in the Construction of Residential Apartments and Condominiums.

At Allied Global Projects, we strongly emphasize on safety and quality and we ensure that all our customer projects adhere to the highest international industrial standards. We take great pride in mentioning that to date the company has not recorded a single LTI serious injury to any of our team members! This in itself is a fantastic tribute to the sheer dedication and commitment of our team members.

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About Us

Established less than a decade ago, Allied Global Projects LLC has a fast-growing reputation as one of the most sought after civil engineering / construction companies in Oman. The company is a 100% Omani entity with plenty of exposure working with Bechtel Corporation, one of the world's premier engineering, construction and project management companies.

Safety and Quality

At Allied Global Projects, safety and quality are of paramount importance and we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all our engineering and construction projects adhere to the highest international standards.

Our Services

Primarily in to Civil Engineering, Construction and Project Management, Allied Global Projects LLC offers a wide range of industrial construction related services.

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